Advertising Cost

What it costs to Advertise with RTB

Media buying has come a long way from traditional mass-purchasing; it has evolved from buying ads directly from publishers, to purchasing through aggregators such as ad networks, to going through real-time exchanges that act much like financial markets. The most modern form of automated or programmatic media buying (i.e., no insertion orders or contracts) is made possible by the technology known as real-time bidding (RTB). RTB advertising works because it is targeted AND cost effective. One without the other just doesn’t work compared to other types of media buying.


The cost of advertising on RTB exchanges varies greatly depending on the competition for a spot (remember it’s an auction!) and the tactic used, but generally lies between 1 and 4€ per thousand banner impressions for standard format campaigns. For example, if nobody wants to buy Italian traffic from, then the cost might effectively work out to €0.75 CPM (hypothetically). If everybody wants to buy UK traffic on during Christmas season, the effective price of traffic might end up being €10+ CPM (hypothetically).

It does work in your favour that we charge much less than other RTB providers, working with us means you pay much lower fees, helping the bottom line increase by over 20% in most cases.

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