Our Fees

Why we charge 2x less than other RTB providers

What if without any additional effort, your advertising ROI could increase by 15-25%?

That is exactly what you get with SelfRTB. We believe in lower pricing for every advertiser and achieve it through our efficient self-service RTB advertising solution. With us, you only pay for the media spend you make, plus the commission fee as per below.

A lower fee means working with a Demand Side Platform (DSP) such as ours gets more efficient. And because we do well when you spend more, we give bigger advertisers a smaller fee. However, all our clients pay at least 2x less then what they would pay on average with other RTB providers.

Media Spend Commission Fee Other Providers
0-2000 15% 20-35%
2000-10000 10%
10000+ 7.5%

The commission fee is the only fee for advertising with us, and is included in all prices and cost you see in the platform. To learn more about the cost of RTB advertising, please view our advertising cost page.

Plus, if you sign up today we give you a voucher for 50EUR in free advertising with us. No purchase needed.


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